Hi, I'm Jenny.

I'm passionate about supporting bright but frustrated and unfulfilled individuals to create a life and career that feel as good from the inside as they look from the outside.


Whether you're looking to make a career change, step up to the next level, start your own business, or simply feel happier at work, I can help you to get clear on what is important to you, then go out and make it happen!

Have you worked hard to create what looks likes a successful life and career but wake up wondering "Is this it? Surely it's supposed to feel better than this."?

Have you done everything right, ticked all the boxes you thought you were supposed to tick, but then realised it was someone else's list?

Do you spend your week counting down to Friday, but then spend the weekend dreading Monday?

Do you find yourself procrastinating and struggling to make decisions?

Do you feel excited and motivated to make a change one minute, then completely overwhelmed and fatigued the next, like you're on a rollercoaster?

I can support you to:

  • get clear on your strengths and core values

  • get clear on what is really important to you

  • build your self-confidence and self-awareness

  • recognise when you're getting in your own way and know how to deal with that

  • create strategies to break through procrastination and overwhelm, and

  • break things down into manageable, actionable steps.

So that you can:

  • wake up feeling energised and motivated every morning

  • make decisions faster with more confidence and clarity

  • be enthusiastic to talk to your friends and family about work, rather than trying to change the subject

  • have more energy to do the things in life you love

  • make more progress in the next three months than you have in the last three years

  • achieve more than you ever believed you could, and enjoy yourself along the way!

The Coaching Academy accredited coach
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