Are you ready to start the
New Year feeling 

clear, confident and motivated?

Introducing my
2022 New Year Workshop:
Intention Setting and Powerful Habits

Wednesday 12th January, 6pm - 7.30pm (online) 


Are you ready to start the New Year on a positive note, and make 2022 the year you finally make those changes and achieve those dreams?

Are you feeling fed up and frustrated that you ended 2021 feeling exactly the same as you did at the end of 2020?

Have you got big dreams (when you let yourself think about them) but you're frustrated that you're not making progress fast enough, and if you're honest you're scared of making big changes?

Has everything that's happened over the last couple of years has left you with a bit of an identity crisis, you're not quite sure who you are or what you want?

Whether you're wanting to make a career change, go for a promotion, start up or grow your own business, or improve your health and wellbeing...

If any of the above rings true then this

"2022 Intention Setting and Powerful Habits"

workshop is for you!

Imagine having an exciting and inspiring vision for 2022, one you can reconnect with whenever you find yourself procrastinating or feeling unmotivated.

Imagine feeling clear on the identity you really want to create, that person you know you can be, and having  designed and created small, simple but powerful habits that will power you on to be, do and have everything you really want.

Imagine feeling confident that whatever happens you have the tools to get unstuck and keep moving forwards.

Join me for this 90-minute workshop to make all that a reality!

What you'll get:

  • A fun and relaxed 90-minute workshop, where you'll do the "work" to create your vision and design your new powerful habits.

  • A workbook with exercises to complete before, during, and after the workshop. This is yours to keep so you can go back and use the tools and exercises whenever you need to.

  • A recording of the workshop so you can re-watch your favourite bits or anything you want to go over again.

  • The opportunity to book a free accountability call with me following the workshop!

"I loved being part of the group and being led through the session, with time to think and hear some comments from others. Reflecting on the year just gone and recognising my progress was a positive start. Acknowledging my values and what is important to me offered reassurance that I'd set the right goals.

Ways of achieving my goals including the ongoing design of (made-easy) habits, helped me picture a pathway through the year ahead. Visualising NYE this coming year and where I'd love to be then, workwise, is providing a snapshot that it easy to remember and a clear image to habit myself towards!"

- Mary, 2021 workshop attendee


Wednesday 12th January, 6pm - 7.30pm (online)

Price: £47

"Today's session gives me a solid approach and foundation to how I want to continue to goal set - in alignment with my identity.
I especially loved the habit building and identity linked goal work. I have a lot of takeaways from this and this will really help with my vision board I have been dreaming of doing!"

- Fiona, 2021 workshop attendee

About Me

I'm Jenny, and I'm passionate about supporting bright but frustrated and unfulfilled individuals to create a life and career that feel as good from the inside as they look from the outside.

I've been on my own career (and life!) change journey, taking me from a Data Scientist in Manchester to a qualified and accredited Career and Life Coach living by the sea in Brighton and Hove!
I've made some big changes in my life and career over the last three years, and have learnt a lot along the way!

I want to share what I've learnt with you, including the huge power of small steps, and inspire and empower you to create a life and career you really love.


2022 Intention Setting and Powerful Habits Workshop

Wednesday 12th January, 6pm - 7.30pm (online)

Price: £47