Before I started working with Jenny I knew that I hadn't been happy in my career for a while but I thought I had a solution to that and wanted Jenny's help to set myself up for success.

The journey I've been on, since working with Jenny has been unexpected but in the best possible way. I'm now transitioning into an entirely new career path and feel so much more confident. It's the first time in a while I've felt excited about my career and the possibility it holds. If you're feeling stuck in your career, there’s every chance, working with Jenny you'll achieve light bulb moments and insights into yourself that you've never had before.

Jenny uses her incredible active listening skills and line of questioning and was able to pick up on so many observations that transformed how I was thinking. I would definitely recommend working with her.

Kirsty; Freelancer

I really enjoyed my sessions with Jenny. She made me feel calm and comfortable throughout in order to really open up and be my true self. Jenny helped me to recognise my strengths, particularly ones I wouldn't have thought about moving forward, and I found that really powerful in order to push me on and remind me why I can achieve whatever I want to. Thank you for always making me feel so empowered!

Alicia; Marketing Coordinator

When I first met Jenny, I had just finished a contract, was a at a loss of what to do next and really felt like I needed some professional guidance. Covid-19 had impacted job availability in my field and I had an inkling that I might be better suited to a previous career or even something else entirely. My confidence was at an all time low, and I struggled to see myself ever having a proper career again after some perceived failures. 

During our sessions, we went into depth about why I was perhaps having particular thoughts and if there was an alternative way of looking at things. We always found some positives and Jenny helped me see that I had some great experience and gave me a lot more hope for my future. She helped me explore patterns in my career and what could be overcome with more thought and effort on my part. Jenny seemed to spot patterns in my talking and directed me to a better place. 

After each of our sessions, I felt motivated and elevated, my thoughts clear and focused.
Jenny is a natural coach.  Her calm and structured nature really helped me to explore areas that I needed to develop in an intelligent and thoughtful way. I can really see Jenny helping her clients to achieve their goals with ease, while boosting their confidence.
Coaching with Jenny has been invaluable to my confidence in my abilities and my future career. I highly recommend working with Jenny.

Donna; Internal Comms Manager

The sessions I had with Jenny have really helped to raise awareness of my thoughts and beliefs that sometimes hold me back from taking action to achieve my goals.

I have identified unhelpful thought habits and negative thoughts that were affecting my confidence to believe in my abilities.
These sessions have helped me to boost my confidence and motivation by breaking down the goal into shorter term goals and work out the actions I need to take to progress towards my overall goal, and address some of my beliefs that were unhelpful.
I have felt very comfortable in all my sessions to explore whatever I need to during that session, without any advice or judgement from Jenny. Thank you Jenny!

Amy; HR Professional and Coach

Jenny has really supported me in finding more balance in my working/home life and with my business goals. From the start we had fantastic rapport which made me feel really comfortable about bringing any goal to a session and I could be honest about my fears and beliefs knowing I would not be judged, just supported. My awareness has been raised about my tendency to overthink things and not give myself a break, I’m much better at managing this now.

Jenny is a skilled listener and always asks the right question at the right time. I particularly enjoy it when she encourages me to visualise the perfect scenario regards any given goal as Jenny is genuinely interested and curious, then will support me in putting together an action plan to take me one step closer.

Jenny is particularly skilled at ensuring there is commitment to any given action and that it is timed and a backup plan in place if something crops up. This has been fundamental to my success as I’ve had to rely on the backup plan on a few occasions!

Sarah-Jane; Small Business and Franchisee Coach

Before starting the coaching, I was feeling very lost with my career and not knowing where to turn to next or having any idea of what I wanted to do. I had reached where I always wanted to in my current career, and realised quickly it wasn’t what I wanted nor was it fulfilling me.
I described myself as feeling like a “ship lost at sea, no navigation and no anchor in fog”, thankfully along came Jenny!

The sessions I had with her were completely enlightening and remarkable for me,
through each session I felt I had slowly started to find my way through the fog with Jenny’s guidance.
Every session I felt something came up that I hadn’t thought of before. This was truly insightful for me, as it helped me discover my values and what was important to me in my career.
Jenny is a fantastic coach, she has a calm and containing approach, asks really useful questions and really gets you to think. I would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating a career change or
feeling lost in their career.

By working with Jenny, I have decided to pursue a career idea that has often popped into my head over the years but I never actively followed. Jenny’s support has given
me the confidence to pursue it and understand how it meets my values.
I feel excited for the future and comfortable to follow my new career dream.

Alex; Management Consultant

I feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to Jenny and would highly recommend her as a coach. I was slightly apprehensive about coaching but recognised that I needed to try something different to get clarity on what direction I wanted work and home life to go in. 

Coaching has helped me think through what is important to me and what motivates me. Jenny clearly loves being able to help people help themselves. She's warm and honest and I felt she was making sense of my muddled thoughts when she reflected back and asked questions. 

Coaching has given me the clarity I needed to feel more fulfilled but it's also given me back a confidence that I'd lost. Having Jenny ask questions, provide focus and make sure I gave myself the time and space I needed to find answers has been invaluable.

Sophie; Finance Business Partner

I worked with Jenny for a total of 8 sessions. We concentrated on my desire to find a new job in a field I had limited experience in. I found Jenny to be very patient while I worked out exactly what I wanted in a new job position, and she kept me focussed on what I wanted to achieve throughout our sessions.
I always left a session feeling listened to and motivated. There were times when I felt discouraged by my lack of progress but Jenny's patient and calm demeanour and her consistent reminders of what I had already achieved, what was going well and what I was learning really helped me to stay positive.
My approach to job-seeking has changed, my confidence has improved and I have begun to take on different opportunities that I might never have considered if not for Jenny's coaching.

Sophie; Copywriter

My coaching sessions with Jenny helped me gain clarity on my strategy and really helped to improve my efficiency. I was able to gain perspective over my business and break it down into manageable tasks – Jenny's guidance making things feel more manageable is probably the biggest difference for me!

I've learnt how to clarify the reasons behind what I'm trying to do, which makes it easier to prioritise and drop tasks as required. Setting clear tasks and deadlines made it easier for me to act without getting stuck over-analysing. Our time together really improved my confidence in both myself and my business.

Sarah; Yoga Teacher & Business Owner.

Jenny helped me with a challenging goal that I had been procrastinating with over the last year. She helped me see that I could make it more manageable by breaking it down into less overwhelming chunks. By taking this approach I was able to see more clearly what needed to be done and felt instantly lighter and more motivated that my goal was achievable. Jenny maintained a gentle and calm approach and listened to my excuses without any judgment or rushing and as such I felt very well supported and capable of a lot more than I gave myself credit for!

Annabel; Author and Coach

I am now much more in control of certain aspects of my life and how to achieve any goal I set my mind to.

Gabi; Software Developer

I have spent the past two years wondering whether my current career is what I want to do for the rest of my life. The pandemic "nurtured" a period of inaction and procrastination, but I was fed up with myself trying to make a decision and never going for it.

So when I first met Jenny, I was feeling confused and frustrated, and I also thought that I had not kept the promise I made to myself two years ago to research other options properly. The past few months, these questions became more and more intense, and I was constantly talking about it with friends until one recommended Jenny!
One of the most helpful things about my time with Jenny was to be able to "talk it out." I realized that saying what I am thinking aloud makes this big worry I have in my head more manageable. I also loved the exercises Jenny gave me to work on and the structured methodology. I have realised that I need guidance to ask the right questions, which was the most significant benefit of our conversations.
After just one session with Jenny, I made a big decision and finally decided to move back to a city, which I have been postponing for YEARS. It is a significant lifestyle change that I think will positively impact my lifestyle in general. In addition, I am now dedicating time to go through the research phase of my career exploration properly. As a result, I feel better, as I finally feel that I am taking action, which I did not do for a very long time.
After working with Jenny, I'm feeling much better and more optimistic. I realize that "there is a method in my madness," and I slowly recognize the steps I have to follow to get to where I need to be.

Christina; Marketing Manager

I had been talking with family and some friends about changing my work for a few years. My work has become corporate and screen-centric. I wanted more face-to-face interaction and to feel my work is meaningful in some way. I found myself unable to pull off the transition. I had a number of unresolved worries that kept returning. I was feeling stuck and mired in indecision.

I felt comfortable speaking candidly with Jenny almost from the very outset and felt confident it was confidential. As we worked together, I had the space to articulate at some length my fears and questions and began to hear myself. With gentle challenging of my assumptions I felt we teased out and put shape on the issues I was allowing to hold me back. 

As our sessions progressed, I began to a see my work life from a different perspective. One thing that I could now see in myself was that I had become overly risk-averse and quick to catastrophise. It was illuminating to explore this, imagining possible scenarios and what I could and couldn’t control. I enjoyed identifying action points as they cropped up. Before each session I was convinced there would not be enough to talk about but found I liked reporting my progress and was surprised how the actions created momentum, and became a clear marker of progress.

After working with Jenny I now have a clearer perspective on what I am after and a what a realistic time frame will be, and this has given me reassurance and hope. I have a greater awareness of my own attitudes and behaviour. I am learning to push back on my assumptions and to direct my effort into making small steps that are inching me towards my goal.

I would recommend Jenny as wise, patient and sensitive coach who pays keen attention and can help untangle a knot of thoughts and simplify the process of moving forward. 

Mary; Finance Production Manager

My sessions with Jenny helped me with my anxious thoughts that were preventing me from planning and taking action. My mind tends to think up a lot of scenarios and different things I could do to achieve my goals which was slowing down everything I wanted to do and overwhelming me.
During my coaching sessions with Jenny I realised that it's actually simple but my mind makes it seem hard and complicated! Jenny had an amazing impact on my mind because her questions taught me to break things down and think about each aspect on it's own so as not to overwhelm myself.
Her presence helped me stay grounded and think faster and more straightforwardly than on my own.

Sara; Therapist, Coach and Entrepreneur

I was stuck and uncertain about how to move forward. With Jenny’s coaching support, I was consistently able to tease out and clarify the components of my idea. As a result I was able to make actionable plans and achieved my goals which gave me a feeling of success.

Marianna; Coach and Mentor